Antonio Williams, proud resident of Detroit, MI is passionate about giving back, helping others, and mentoring youth. He first started giving back to his community as young as 8 years old. When it comes to mentoring Antonio has several years of experience working with kids through sports, tutoring, and behavioral improvement programs. His motto is “helping others is a great way to help yourself!”

Antonio Williams


Brittney DeSouza, born and raised in the City of Detroit, developed a passion for her city and the resilient people within it. She has an educational background in public health with a strong emphasis in disease prevention and control. Some of her primary goals include educating and raising awareness about public health issues within the city of Detroit. Brittney advocates for health and wellness to help create more spaces, conversations, and to release the stigma around topics such as: testing, vaccinations, and mental health. She comes from a family where selflessness is held on a pedestal and carries that trait in everything she does.

Brittney DeSouza