We look forward to pouring into our youth and helping them reach their full potential, be on the lookout for our youth workshops coming very soon!

Growing up have you ever felt like you had no one to talk to or connect with? Well here at AOA that’s exactly what we like to do! Always remember You’re Not The Only One. We have one-on-one and group sessions available.

STD/Pregnancy prevention

Abstinence is the safest sex! However is you are a teen that’s not practicing abstinence you should be practicing safe sex. That means ALWAYS using contraceptives (Condoms AND Birth Control).

Career Exploration

Whatever you believe that you can be you will be! At Acts of Altruism we believe in providing youth with opportunities to experience adult like careers to build into their future. This can be done through job shadows, career fairs, surveys. and interviews.

Education Development

Education is power! No matter if thats trade school, community college, or a four year university! Empower yourself with knowledge.


The real world can tough, exciting, and overwhelming all wrapped into one. We want our youth to be able to hear real world stories, ask real world questions, and be able to network with speakers that come to share their stories.